Targeted Tech

iStock_000037213638_FullWant to streamline your business and boost sales? Follow these four smart tech tips.

Love it or hate it, technology is essential to the success of virtually every business in this day and age. With the right tech solutions in place, a company can run more efficiently, build customer loyalty and drive sales through the roof. This may explain why companies across the globe continue to invest massive amounts of money in cutting-edge technologies. In fact, International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that worldwide IT spending will grow from $2.46 trillion in 2015 to more than $2.8 trillion in 2019.

“Technology is a game-changer, not only for pest management companies, but for most companies conducting business today,” points out Kevin Burns, chief development officer with Arrow Exterminators. “Given that we conduct millions of transactions with consumers every year, it is vital for us to utilize technology to make those interactions as seamless as possible.”

Matt Beckwith, contact center director with Clark Pest Control, reflects this sentiment. “Pest control companies that don’t adapt to new technologies risk losing customers to companies that do,” he emphasizes. “We can’t ignore new technologies, even if we can’t at first glance see exactly how they’ll fit in our business.”

So should pest management businesses blindly invest in every new gizmo and gadget that comes along and call it a day? Absolutely not. If you want to get the biggest bang for your IT buck, it’s important to take a carefully calculated approach to technology.

Here are four smart tech tips to keep in mind.

By Amy Bell

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