Grow with QualityPro

shutterstock_284650568Growing your business is about more than finding new opportunities. Sustainable growth requires you maintain the integrity of your foundation, or what you do currently, as well. So as you sit back and reflect on the 2016 season, take a moment to check back with the pest control business basics, the QualityPro standards, to make sure your company is still on solid ground.

In 2016, many regulations passed that are relevant to how you hire employees. The QualityPro program revises its suite of HR resources as needed to keep certified companies up-to-date. If you use the QualityPro resources, first visit and make sure you are using the most current template forms and policies. Then, we recommend you contact the NPMA human resources rep Sandy Seay ( to chat through your current policies and practices to ensure you are still in compliance with both QualityPro and national regulations.

The 16 QualityPro standards outline the pest control business basics. Although less than 3 percent of companies in the industry have earned certification by meeting these standards, more than 80 percent of the revenue generated by the pest control industry can be attributed to a certified company. Companies that meet the standards are doing something right!

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