Social Media & Employees: Why you MUST Have a Company Policy in Place

shutterstock_189811238Social media has evolved into a powerful platform that provides people with an outlet to share news and express their opinions freely on a daily basis. If you think about it, I’m sure you can quickly recall rants from friends or viral posts that have shown up in your newsfeeds on all sorts of topics ranging from parenting advice to political viewpoints. It’s also becoming a sounding board for customer service issues, too. When people receive sub-par service at a restaurant, they may take to Facebook to tell their friends and family about it or post directly on the brand’s page.

Many companies have established strong social media policies that can control the tone and fair game rules of commenting and posting on their brand pages, but what about guidelines for employees? If an employee deals with a disgruntled customer at work, he or she may take to his or her own personal account to tweet about the unpleasant interaction. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly assume that what they post on social media—especially on their own personal pages—is their own private business, when the truth of the matter is that their Facebook posts and quick tweets can have serious implications for both themselves and their employers.

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