Background Checks and Other Issues To Consider When Hiring Drivers for Your Organization

shutterstock_209736133Even for the most experienced driver, avoiding obstacles and driving safely is often a complex and demanding task. Pest professionals spend an inordinate amount of time behind the wheel and must ensure that their technicians, equipment and the general public are safe when their vehicles are on the road. An employer is always responsible for the actions of its employees. Without proper driver controls in place, the reputation of your business could be in jeopardy. Working towards a position of adequate controls requires that all of the following conditions are met.

Background checks: Aside from DOT compliance, pre-hire screening and background checks have become a vital part of the employment process, both as a means to help screen out undesirable employees as well as ensuring that the best possible candidates are hired. Additionally, pre-hire screening is an important part of controlling both your automobile loss experience and your workers’ compensation costs.

The ideal background check must be accurate, comprehensive, and of course, legally compliant. Coordinating these factors can be costly and time-consuming. If you outsource, make sure that the company you choose complies with your state laws throughout the screening process. Some of the background screenings which you may want to consider include criminal searches, sex offender registries, employment histories, educational histories and more. Generally,  employment  verification  is conducted during the background screening process that a new hire candidate goes through, but it warrants its own focus based on its importance to your organization. Using the Department of Transportation, or DOT, all employers are required to verify a minimum of three years of past employment for all newly hired drivers. Important factors to consider when looking to hire a new driver include: dates of employment, positions held, locations driven, accidents, tickets, criminal background and drug screening results. The information that is provided by the applicant will obviously be verified prior to completing a hire. However, if the information given does not match the driver’s claims, or if the company refuses to release the verifying data without driver consent, don’t hire the driver until the issue is resolved.

By Gary Shapiro, Senior Vice President, Weisburger Insurance Brokerage

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