Networking: Put Yourself in the Right Room

istock_000040820094-convertedAfter yet another hectic week, dreams of building a strong network can easily seem like a luxury you cannot afford.

Think again. Some compelling research shows that while mastery of technical aspects of the job may be responsible for early success, moving to the next level requires grasping strategic issues—and these are best acquired through relationships.

That was the path for Platinum Solutions in Lansing, Illinois, which tripled sales and broke the 3.5 million mark after less than four years in the business. According to Platinum Solutions

Vice President Michael Panichi, “Our network is without a doubt one of the main reasons for our success. Some people are happy where they are. If you want to take it to the next level, networking is where it’s at.”

Panichi attributes his company’s rapid growth to the relationships he built with industry leaders as a result of joining NPMA four years ago. “These are some of the nicest people; CEOs of million-dollar companies who take my call and answer my questions. I meet someone new at every convention.”

Networking can be invaluable in developing the skills to manage new internal responsibilities, furthering personal development, or becoming aware of new business opportunities. And while you might get lucky and end up with a great network just by chance, a little planning will put you in the right room to network successfully. It also goes a long way toward ensuring the results you are hoping for—strong relationships with smart, savvy people, who are great at what they do.

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