Year in Review: Top Trends in Pest Management Marketing

npmas0616_l-final-24As marketers, we are hardwired to constantly evaluate our efforts, refine our approaches and repeat. With the year winding down, let’s consider taking a step back to reflect upon the many trends that dominated the marketing industry and ensure we’re leveraging them to their fullest potential within the pest management space. While we’ve seen a number of trends throughout the year, here are the top three key highlights that stand out as worthy of some extra attention:

Facebook’s organic reach is on the decline

One of the sadder, yet also most impactful, developments for content creators in 2016 was the significant decrease in Facebook’s organic reach since the beginning of the year.

Adweek staff writer Marty Swant reported, “According to SocialFlow data, total media reach across all pages had been steadily increasing from June 2015 through January 2016. And while post counts have continued to go up—now more than double the 220,000 count in June 2015—reach per post peaked in January at nearly 120,000.”

With the volume of posts continuing to skyrocket while reach declines, marketers are constantly being challenged as their content is being threatened with the potential to fall into a black hole instead of into the news feeds of their desired targets.

To combat these efforts, marketers are continually trying to find ways to make their content more creative and engaging. You may have noticed more brands infusing video and animated assets into their social pages and digital marketing plans.

By Cindy Mannes

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