Lead by Learning

NPMA’s MentorMatch & Executive Leadership Program

Whether you are a technician who is moving into a management role, an independent PCO planning an expansion or a newly appointed board member for a local trade association, making a successful transition to a leadership position is among the most difficult endeavors of professional growth.

The challenge of cultivating new skills, training employees and taking ownership of project management can be overwhelming without access to educational resources or a professional advocate.

Fortunately, NPMA members do not have to face these challenges alone. Last year, NPMA launched two programs focused on cultivating leadership for individual employees and developing candidates to pursue leadership opportunities within the association – MentorMatch and the Executive Leadership Program.

What is MentorMatch?

MentorMatch is an online professional mentoring program designed to provide NPMA members with a platform to teach or learn about skills and issues important to a member’s business and professional development. According to Janay Rickwalder, vice president of communications, marketing and membership for NPMA, MentorMatch represents a modern extension of NPMA’s ongoing efforts to facilitate mentorship and professional development throughout the industry.

“The true value of MentorMatch is derived from our network of more than 6,000 pest management companies who bring a wide breadth of expertise and experience to share with our members,” said Rickwalder. “The creation of MentorMatch has dramatically simplified each member’s ability to connect with the industry leaders and subject matter experts needed to help them achieve their professional goals.” Mentees can work with mentors on a range of topics including:

  • Technical Expertise
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management – Experienced or Novice
  • Business Growth
  • Career Development & Advancement
  • Network & Connect with Others
  • Technology
  • Leadership Training
  • Achieving Work/Life Balance

Convenience and ease-of-use were prioritized in the development of MentorMatch with mentees and mentors now able to select their preferred method of communication, such as phone, email, Skype and others. Similarly, participants are also able to pre-schedule their availability and block out periods in which they anticipate being too busy to participate.

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