NPMA P3 Steering Committee Continues Dialogue on Future of Industry

Last week, 20 industry leaders met to discuss current and future trends, their impact on the pest management industry, and how NPMA can proactively respond to the industry’s emerging needs.

“Strategic planning and goal setting is important for any organization,” said NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf, CAE. “The coming years present many potential changes and challenges and efforts such of those of the P3 Steering Committee last week help articulate priorities and focus key efforts.”

During this two-day meeting sponsored by BASF and Forshaw, participants advanced the discussion that began in May 2016 during the P3 Strategic Planning Summit by focusing on trends in such areas as technology, science, consumer outreach, public health, environment and legislation.

“Through regular review and analysis by our steering committee, we are assured that we remain in a proactive position to support our industry,” said Stumpf.

The P3 Steering Committee is chaired by Scott Steckel of Varment Guard Environmental Services in Columbus, Ohio and comprised of 20 industry leaders from across the country who represent all segments of the industry.

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