PPMA Launches New PSA Program Connecting Pests with Vector Borne Diseases

We’re also happy to share that our new PSA campaign, “Symptoms,” has been distributed and will start seeing airtime in the June/July timeframe. Take a look at the final TV spots here. Stay tuned for more information next month about our out-of-home PSA campaign that is also launching this summer! The link will take you to Pest TV where you can view ALL of the versions of the PSA campaign — :60, :30, and individual :15 second spots.

In addition, Summer is here and that means more people will be spending time outdoors, which made May a great time for our “Pests Without Borders” PSA to see more airtime, as it focuses on pests (like mosquitoes and ticks) as vectors of disease and the global threat they pose to our health. In May, this TV PSA aired more than 700 times, garnering over 4.1 million impressions and $203,378 in ad value. The TV PSAs continue to air on several networks in a variety of markets across the country, including Baltimore, San Antonio, Greenville-Spartanburg, Little Rock and Madison, as well as on Fox Sports Ohio. One new station of note that aired the TV spot last month was in the Rapid City, SD market. Additionally, the radio PSAs aired 360 times in top markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Orlando, garnering 755,000 impressions and $32,185 in ad value. One new market of note that aired our radio spot is Albuquerque, NM.

The “Doctor’s Office” PSA also had another great month of traction in May with 920 airings on TV, garnering over 6.6 million impressions and $285,972 in ad value, with spots on 10 new TV stations, including national wins on FOX News and FOX Business networks, as well as stations in top markets such as Los Angeles. The radio PSA aired 711 times in May, garnering 1.1 million impressions and $31,772 in media value. All of our additional TV and radio PSA campaigns continue to receive coverage on stations across the country.