Calibrating Your Business Operations

Nothing can ruin a perfectly good day like an employee issue. Hiring, managing and maintaining the health and safety of your team are at the core of your business. Conduct a routine check of your operations to ensure your team is operating according to industry standards. Don’t spend your precious time scouring the internet trying to learn what policies and procedures you should have in place. Use the QualityPro Accreditation Standards at to quickly learn what you need to check on to calibrate your business and ready yourself for growth.

There are 16 standards that describe how to hire and educate employees, maintain a fleet and work with customers. Of those 16 standards, five of them have changed in QualityPro v5 (released July 2017). Companies that follow the latest version of the QualityPro Standards can rest assured that their hiring practices are calibrated to the industry best practices.

The steps for hiring an employee are still:

  1. Have prospective employees complete an application.* (QualityPro Standard 1:1)
  2. Bring qualified applicants in for an interview.* (QualityPro Standard 1:2)
  3. Have the prospective employee sign a Reference Check Form* and then check the references that were listed on the application. (QualityPro Standard 1:3)
  4. Make a conditional job offer. Conditions include the findings of reports on criminal history, motor vehicle records (MVR) and drug tests.
  5. Obtain a criminal history report from a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-compliant company, run a MVR search and do drug tests. Based on results in the context of the job description, make an employment decision. (QualityPro Standards 1:4-6)

*Template forms are available to companies that have applied for QualityPro Accreditation and QualityPro Accredited companies at Forms were last updated 4/2017.

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