The New NPMA Health Insurance Exchange

Is industry leaders and owner/operators, many of you are tasked with the challenge of ensuring that your company and employees have access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. To make this process easier, NPMA is proud to announce the launch of our new Health Care Exchange, which will activate during the 2018 open enrollment period and will be available to all NPMA members and their employees.

Focused on flexibility and predictability

The Exchange is designed to provide NPMA members with cost-effective benefit solutions that make sense in an increasingly unpredictable marketplace. Recognizing that bargaining power is a challenge for many members, we focused on providing small and mid-sized employers with benefit options that were previously available only to larger employers.

We also focused on flexibility because every company has unique needs. Unlike many healthcare benefit programs that require the purchase of “all-or-nothing” packages, our Exchange empowers members to select specific benefit offerings that best fit the size and requirements of their business.

Robust healthcare benefit options

Our team has worked hard to ensure that the Exchange provides members with an extensive variety of benefits, ranging from self-funded plans and health reimbursement accounts to robust health, dental and vision plans. Full benefit details will be announced in the coming months, but a select list of highlighted benefits can be viewed at

Navigating today’s healthcare marketplace is steeped in uncertainty caused by potential legislation changes; benefit discontinuations and exchange closures. Our new Health Care Exchange is designed to simplify this process by providing members with much-needed clarity and more cost-effective benefit options than any time previous.

Many of you will have questions or want additional details, so I encourage you to reach out to JerriLynn Cobb at [email protected] for more information about the Exchange.

We look forward to receiving your questions and providing members with updates and reminders throughout the year.

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