EPA Publishes Draft Strategic Plan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing the availability of the Draft FY 2018-2022 EPA Strategic Plan for public review and comment pursuant to the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Modernization Act of 2010. GPRA requires federal agencies to develop strategic plans, strategic goals and strategic measures over the course of the next several years. Additionally, GPRA requires EPA to prioritize these goals and be held accountable for progress toward those goals.

EPA’s draft strategic plan states:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this FY 2018-2022 EPA Strategic Plan (the Plan) to: (1) refocus the Agency back to its core mission; (2) restore power to the states through cooperative federalism; and (3) lead the Agency through improved processes and adhere to the rule of law. The FY 2018-2022 EPA Strategic Plan sharply refocuses EPA on its role of supporting the primary implementers of environmental programs—states and tribes—by streamlining programs and processes, reducing duplication of effort, and providing greater transparency and listening opportunities, enabling the Agency to focus on its core mission work. Process, the rule of law, and cooperative federalism are necessary for an efficient and effective Agency to provide tangible and real environmental results to the American people.”

NPMA is pleased to see that EPA is promoting cooperative federalism, empowering our partners – the state lead agency (SLA) – in each state that regulates pesticides. This will better assure regulatory uniformity and inhibit federal regulatory overreach, which occurred under the last administration. Additionally, NPMA is encouraged that EPA plans on reducing and/or fixing unnecessary and duplicative regulations, many of which NPMA highlighted in our regulatory reform comments this past spring (NPDES permits, ESA consultations, pesticide registration process improvements for structural products).

NPMA looks forward to working with EPA in achieving their strategic goals.