QualityPro Charts the Future of Credentialing

The QualityPro Board of Directors has completed a new strategic plan, focused on a clear vision, mission and set of concise goals that will drive our industry’s certification program for the foreseeable future. Working under the leadership of QualityPro Chairman Kevin Burns of Arrow Exterminators, the group of 20 pest professionals as well as NPMA leadership have positioned QualityPro for success by increasing consumer demand for certification and providing enhanced benefits to companies that earn the flagship designation.

“We are extremely proud of the hard work, time commitment and dedication to our industry that the QualityPro Board has demonstrated over the past six months. We have studied our program and the needs of the industry in an effort to create a comprehensive program that teaches companies to be professional and helps consumers recognize all that our industry has to offer,” say Burns. “This is evident in our new mission and vision and reinforced through our goals for the coming years.”

“This process, which started in Denver, Colorado in March 2017, has been an exercise in effectiveness,” said David Fisher of Rentokil and QualityPro vice-chairman. “We retained Georgia Patrick, a national certification consultant, who helped us understand the potential opportunities for QualityPro and assisted us in charting a path forward that will elevate our program, the only certification specific to pest management providers in our industry.”

QualityPro was founded in 2004 to address needs that NPMA identified through a strategic planning process. The two organizations have remained close, learning from each other and using their strengths to grow and professionalize the industry. QualityPro, through its standards and resources, offers companies a checklist for how to be professional and recognizes companies that meet the standards with accreditation and the business opportunities that come with it. Once a company has proven its professionalism, it can go on to earn certifications for services which include GreenPro, QualityPro Schools and QualityPro Food Safety.

“It has been exciting to represent NPMA on the QualityPro Board and identify ways that QualityPro accreditation can meet some of the industry needs that were identified through the most recent NPMA Strategic Planning Process—P3. Our two organizations have never been more in sync,” said Dominique Stumpf, CEO of NPMA.

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