What Customers Want

As a seasoned veteran in the pest management industry, you know exactly what your customers want…right? Not necessarily. If you assume your customers desire nothing more than a bug-free home, think again.

“Customers don’t just want ants out of their kitchen,” explains Rick DeDonato, marketing director for Royal Pest Solutions in New Castle, Delaware. “They want to know you care about them and respect them.”

In fact, a recent survey found that pest control customers want much more than just effective service. Listen360, an Alpharetta, Georgia-based customer engagement software provider, surveyed more than 1,500 pest control customers to discover exactly what makes them happy.

“Our goal was to learn which aspects of the customer experience had the greatest impact on customer loyalty in the pest control industry,” says Mike Mitchell, marketing director for Listen360. “In ultra-competitive industries like pest control, knowing how to keep customers happy—so they not only return, but also refer their friends, family and colleagues—is key to loyalty, organic growth and long-term success.”
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Customers want to be delighted

According to the survey, the most successful pest control businesses have three things in common: They offer a smooth scheduling process, friendly, knowledgeable and thorough technicians, and effective products that get results.

However, Mitchell says loyal customers aren’t simply satisfied with their pest control service—they are delighted by it. These are the customers who will not only remain loyal to your pest control company, but also recommend your business to everyone they know. So, how do you transform satisfied customers into delighted ones?

Tip 1: Encourage technicians and office staff to engage in friendly, helpful conversations with customers.

Tip 2: Make it a goal to reduce customer anxiety by demonstrating your company’s knowledge and experience at effectively solving pest problems.

Tip 3: Delight customers with products that are highly effective, high quality and low odor.

By Amy Bell

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