Pest Management Foundation: Solicitation for Research Proposals

The Pest Management Foundation (herein “the Foundation”) is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission and purpose is to advance the pest management industry through education, research, and training. The Foundation is affiliated with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the only national organization representing companies engaged in the business of managing ants, bed bugs, birds, cockroaches, spiders, stinging insects, termites, rodents and other structural pests.

The Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of funds for pest management industry- related research. The Foundation may choose to fund one or more projects; however, the Foundation reserves the right to decline to fund any of the proposed submissions.

Suggested research topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Bed bug surveillance and prevention
  • Control methods for structural pests of public health importance including (but not limited to) cockroaches, flies, rodents, ticks and mosquitoes
  • Structural pest exclusion practices
  • Updated roof rat (Rattus rattus) distribution/range in North America

Submission Requirements

Each submission should include a written proposal thoroughly describing the proposed project. Applicability and specific benefits the pest management industry will derive from the proposed research project should be clearly articulated. Formatting of the submission is flexible, except that submissions should not exceed 15 pages.

Each submission must include:

  • A brief executive summary succinctly explaining the proposal.
  • A brief explanation of the problem, hypotheses and description of methods and materials (including statistical analysis).
  • Objectives/goals of the research.
  • A timetable outlining the beginning and end of the project. (Proposed projects must reach completion or conclusion within 18 months of being awarded the grant.)
  • A budget outlining probable expenses for personnel, fringe benefits, travel, equipment, supplies, and contractual personnel. Note: 75% of the grant total will be dispersed upon award; the remaining 25% will be paid upon completion of the final research report to the Foundation.
  • Resumes of principal personnel involved in the project.

Proposals should be submitted to Jim Fredericks via electronic mail: [email protected].

The deadline for submitting proposals is Thursday, March 8, 2018.

Obligations of Grant Recipient

The selected applicant must submit regular reports to the Foundation updating the progress or status of the project. At a minimum, updates should be submitted every six months. A final, comprehensive report must be provided to the Foundation at the completion of the project. The final report must describe the research project, the ultimate findings and the value to the industry in a comprehensive manner.

Eligible entities include, but are not limited to institutions of higher learning, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses. Funds distributed by the Foundation will be allocated specifically for direct costs associated with conducting, analyzing, and reporting data and conclusions. Administrative fees proposed shall be used for direct administrative support on the project. Funding allocated for indirect costs such as non-project administrative fees or general university fees shall not exceed five percent. All funding spent shall be subject to audit by the Foundation or assigned third parties. Projects are subject to periodic quality assurance reviews by NPMA technical staff.

Review of Submissions

Each submission will be reviewed and considered by the Pest Management Foundation’s Scientific Review Committee. The Foundation may, at its discretion, conduct interviews with applicants.

In reviewing each proposal, the Foundation will consider the:

  • Merits and usefulness of the proposed project;
  • Applicability to the pest management industry;
  • Stated benefits that the pest management industry will reap from the research, such as measurable evidence of the effectiveness of the industry’s services, enhanced employee productivity, reduced operational costs, identification of new, profitable services, or insights into pest biology or behavior;
  • Qualifications of the individuals involved in the project;
  • Reality of the budget projections and the reliance on other funding sources; and
  • Completeness of the proposal package.

The selected applicant or applicants will be notified of the awarding of the grant by mid to late April 2018. The Foundation reserves the right to decline to fund any or all submissions.

Additional Inquiries

If you have any inquiries regarding this document, please contact Jim Fredericks, Executive Director, Pest Management Foundation, at [email protected].