Successful Third Global Summit of Pest Management Services for Public Health and Food Safety

Over 300 attendees and 34 Represented Countries Met to Further Education and Technology Advancing Pest Management Practices

The Third Global Summit of Pest Management Services in Cascais, Portugal has come to a successful conclusion with worldwide participation on important issues related to food safety and public health.

According to Dominique Stumpf, CEO of NPMA and a presenter of the event, “The development of modern pest management practices has resulted in significant public health benefits around the world.  Maintaining public health is reliant on a properly functioning system of controlling pests that transmit pathogens to humans directly and through the food supply.  The vast amount of sharing and education to further the cause of protecting public health, food and property that has been shared at this event is proof positive that when we all work together in the global community to share our knowledge, innovation and technology, we all benefit and further along the process of protecting the public from pests and pest related diseases.”

A marquis event at the Summit was the annual World Pest Day observance on June 6.  This annual observance is to raise awareness among the public, government and media about the important role that the pest control industry plays in protecting health, food, property and the environment from pest health threats around the world; and was supported globally with media events, social media and public relations.

Every day, pest control professionals work to protect people and properties from the potential diseases and damage caused by pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes.  NPMA was proud to work alongside their counterparts around the globe, celebrating “World Pest Day” to create awareness with citizens all over the world on the important role the professional pest control industry plays in protecting and maintaining public health and keeping citizens, homes, schools, recreational areas, hotels, food manufacturers, retail companies and others safe, pest and disease-free.

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