QualityPro Awarded Healthy Homes Workforce Development Mini-Grant From the National Center For Healthy Housing

$7,500 grant to help fund new suite of public health service certifications

QualityPro, the only recognized and accepted credentialing authority of the professional pest management industry, today announced that its been named the recipient of a $7,500 Health Homes Workforce Development Mini-Grant through a contract between the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH). The grant will help fund the development of its new public health service certifications coming this fall.

“We are grateful to the National Center for Healthy Housing and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for their generous support and for seeing the value in helping to create these new credentials. The public health certifications will give pest management professionals a unique opportunity to distinguish their services that protect against mosquitoes, rodents and other pests that threaten public health,” said Allison Allen, BCE, executive director of QualityPro. “Many pest control professionals are seeking credible resources to prove their professionalism when it comes to creating healthier, pest-free environments for their customers, and the public health service certifications will do just that.”

NCHH awarded 10 mini-grants of $7,500 each to organizations in California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia. The funding aims to help communities incorporate healthy homes activities into their healthcare policies and build a pool of knowledgeable and reliable community health workers (CHWs) trained in the healthy homes principles.

Governments, educational institutions, public housing, nonprofits and tribal communities were all eligible to submit a proposal. This is NCHH’s second year offering grants for workforce development.

To learn more about QualityPro or to apply for accreditation, visit www.npmaqualitypro.org.

About QualityPro

QualityPro is administered by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management, an independent organization that has been developing good business practices and standards since 2004. Its mission is to set the standards of excellence for professional pest management companies and their employees through education, training and certification, providing consumers protection and confidence when selecting a nationally accredited company. QualityPro proudly certifies more than 500 of the best companies in the pest management industry. For more information, visit NPMAQualityPro.org or follow @NPMAQualityPro on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.