QualityPro Accreditation: A Proven Process for Growth

More than 500 pest control companies have taken the important step of becoming QualityPro accredited by meeting 16 standards that exceed mandated state and federal requirements. They make up less than three percent of companies in the United States that adhere to the industry’s highest standards of practice and demonstrate a commitment to excellence in pest management. QualityPro is a proven process for growth for companies of all sizes. The certification gains companies access to valuable tools and resources that help them hire great employees and stand out from the competition, which, in turn, can lead to a boost in sales. Learn about the many benefits of QualityPro accreditation and how it can position companies on a path to success.

1. Marketing Materials: One of the greatest benefits of QualityPro accreditation is the marketing opportunities that come along with it. When a company becomes QualityPro accredited, they gain access to a QualityPro Toolbox chalk full of marketing materials, including logos to post on a company website and use on collateral, print advertisements, brochures, a sales presentation, uniform patches, truck decals and more to help them communicate this special designation to consumers. QualityPro accredited companies can also request customized bid letters to share with current and prospective customers that explain the certification and why they should hire a QualityPro accredited company. These tools are invaluable, especially to mom-and-pop shops as they even out the playing field with larger companies.

2. Service Certifications: All QualityPro accredited companies are eligible for additional certifications that help them further demonstrate their commitment to providing quality service in specific environments. GreenPro, the world’s largest and most credible green certification program for pest management professionals, recognizes environmentally responsible services offered by QualityPro accredited companies. This certification can lead to additional business opportunities, as GreenPro certified companies can help their clients earn credits toward the LEED certification and Green Restaurant Association certification.

Through rigorous standards, and additional testing and training, QualityPro accredited companies can also earn the QualityPro Schools and QualityPro Food Safety certifications. These certifications are meant to give consumers confidence that they will receive smart, responsible and effective services each time a technician arrives at a facility. Talk about a great marketing message!

In addition to these advanced certifications, QualityPro accredited companies will soon be able to distinguish their services that protect the public from pests with the new Public Health certifications for mosquito control and rodent management. Given the growing concern about vector pests and the diseases they spread, this certification is a way for companies to further position themselves as protectors of public health.

Even if a company doesn’t pursue these service certifications, all of the service exams are available to help companies train their employees to the national standard. Passing the QualityPro exams is a point of pride for PMPs in our industry and QualityPro is thrilled to offer these national proficiency exams to all QualityPro companies.

3. Program Partners: QualityPro is proud to give accredited companies access to NPMA’s HR consulting firm, Seay Management Consultants, at no additional fee. The professional HR consultants at Seay Management Consultants are ready to answer any questions related to employment applications, interviews, background checks or drug testing. Not only do they help companies make the best HR decisions for their business, but they also stay up-to-date on changing HR policies and offer the guidance needed to ensure compliance with state and federal employment regulations. For example, did you know certain states and localities have banned employees from asking about a candidate’s compensation history from a previous employer? QualityPro worked with Seay Management Consultants to alert all QualityPro accredited companies about this legislation earlier this year and uploaded a new version of the employment application template to QualityProTools.org. This HR benefit helps reduce legal liabilities while saving owners time and money—a winning combination.

4. Business Resources: Speaking of employment application templates, QualityPro accredited companies can download these and other business resources such as interview questions and reference check forms to make their hiring process easier and help them recruit the best talent. Companies also have access to an online learning center that houses the QualityPro exams and Manager Training. The Manager Training is a free, four-part, animated video series that provides a broad overview of core concepts for effective management and supervision. It’s used to help educate management teams on how to effectively lead their organization and develop their people.

If you are not a QualityPro accredited company, consider applying today to earn your national credentials and gain access to valued resources for business professionalism and growth. From marketing materials to hiring tools and HR resources, QualityPro provides companies with the tools they need to grow their businesses. To learn more about the benefits of QualityPro or apply for accreditation, visit www.npmaqualitypro.org.

By Allison Allen, BCE

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