Mobile CRM for Outside Sales Teams

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SalesRabbit’s pest control app is the key to achieving lasting success for outside sales teams. Now you can track sales reps and leads, organize territories, and train teams, all from the same software.


SalesRabbit works with other top pest control software providers to build the best integrations possible for your company, including Pestpac and PestRoutes.

Custom fields make it easy for your teams to collect custom information from potential clients. Use that info to track infestations, record data on yard size and type, and to populate digital agreements.

Digital agreements streamline the selling process, eliminate costs, and reduce data entry error.

Intuitive area management saves your manager’s time and makes sure that every opportunity is being given the attention it deserves. No more leads slipping through the cracks.


“I have sold Pest Control for 5 summers and the last 2 have been using SalesRabbit. I used to use a piece of paper and write little marks and all the address in my area so I knew what I had/hadn’t knocked. For me, I HATE taking tons of time between doors since it’s a numbers game…. SalesRabbit helps me quickly note with a pin the lead and then use voice-to-text to make my notes as I rush to the next door. Contracts were made simple and it was easy for the customers to see the agreement and sign.” – Casey A., G2Crowd

“The mapping feature worked great, made canvassing really easy without bugs. I used it in door to door pest control sales, worked perfect for this.” -Kimball H., G2Crowd

“This app has made the d2d world a million times more efficient than before!! Must have for any company or sales rep!! I won’t knock without it!!” – Jimmy Moran, Google Play rev



You can have all the desire in the world to be successful, but that doesn’t count for much if it’s not coupled with the strategies and techniques that will get you there. SalesRabbit is completely dedicated to helping you build those strategies and provides you with the tools to take any kind of sales rep and turn them into a top performer. As a result, you’ll be able to train your teams, build a winning culture, and establish yourself as a truly respectable business.