NPMA Announces Results of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors Election

NPMA is pleased to announce the results of its annual Board of Directors election.

Your Executive Committee will consist of the following Board members:

Chris Gorecki (Rollins, Atlanta, GA) will serve as President.
Scott Steckel (Plunkett’s Pest Control, Columbus, OH) will serve as President-Elect.
Justin McCauley (McCauley Service, Benton, AR) will serve as Treasurer.
Marillian Missiti (Buono Pest Control Co., Inc., Belmont, MA) will serve as Secretary.
Dennis Jenkins (ABC Home & Commercial Services, Lewisville, TX) will serve as Immediate Past President.

Each of the newly elected directors will begin their term of office on July 1, 2019. New members of the Board of Directors include:

Region 1 Director: Marty Overline (Aardvark Pest Management, Philadelphia, PA)
Region 4 Director: Stuart Keenan (Ky-Ko Pest Prevention, Inc., Mesa, AZ)
Region 5 Director: Sean Rollo (Orkin Canada, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada)

At Large Member: Mike Bullert (Big Time Pest Control, Anderson, CA)
At Large Member: Scott Canady (Canady’s Services, Inc, Lumber Bridge, NC)
At Large Member: John Cooksey (McCall Service, Inc., Jacksonville, FL)
At Large Member: Ashley Morrison (City Wide Exterminating, Locust, NC)
At Large Member: Mickey Nolen (Nozzle Nolen, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL)
At Large Member: Betty Thornton (Alvin Pest Control, Alvin, TX)

Past President Representative: H. Russell Ives (Rose Pest Solutions, Troy, MI)
Allied Director: Ildem Bozkurt (Bayer Environmental Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC)
Allied Director: Ka Tsu (ServicePro.Net, Inc., Columbus, OH)
Associate Director: Emilio Polce (EcoChoice Termite and Pest Control, LLC, Conventry, CT)

Associate Director: Aric Schroeder (Copesan Services, Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI)
UPFDA Representative: Thomas Forshaw, IV (Forshaw Inc., Charlotte, NC)

These individuals join the current NPMA Board members to round out the association’s leadership:

Region 2 Director: Eric Frye (Wayne’s Pest Control, Birmingham, AL)
Region 3 Director: Travis Swope (Griffin Pest Management, Santa Ana, CA)
At Large Member: Travis Aggson (American Pest Management, Inc., Manhattan, KS)
At Large Member: Brian Alonso (Columbus Pest Control, Columbus, OH)
At Large Member: Jeremy Clark (Dugas Pest Control of Baton Rouge, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA)
At Large Member: Marie Horner (Arrow Exterminators, Winston Salem, NC)

“NPMA is delighted to welcome our newly elected Board and Executive Committee,” says NPMA Chief Executive Officer Dominique Stumpf, CMP, CAE. “We are fortunate to have excellent leaders who will work together to encourage high levels of competence, knowledge and performance in the industry.”

Many thanks to outgoing Board members: Mr. J. Bryan Cooksey, III, 2018-2019 Immediate Past President; Mrs. Sarah Thomas-Clark, 2017-2019 Region #1 Director; Mr. Thomas Cantu, 2017-2019 Region #4 Director; Ms. Sandy Costa, 2017-2019 Region #5 Director; Ms. Faye Golden, 2017-2019 At-Large Member; Ms. Suzanne Graham, 2017-2019 At-Large Member; Mr. Dayton Hylton, 2017-2019 At-Large Member; Mr. Kevin Lemasters, 2017-2019 At-Large Member; Mr. Jason Payne, 2017-2019 At-Large Member; Mr. Darren Van Steenwyk , 2018-2019 At-Large Member; Mr. Billy Tesh, 2018-2019 Past President Representative; Mr. Scott Reasons, 2017-2019 Allied Director; Mr. James Shaffer, 2017-2019 Allied Director; Ms. Deni Naumann, 2018-2019 Associate Director; Mr. Galvin C. Murphy, 2018-2019 Associate Director; and Ms. Donna Giacalone, 2017-2019 UPFDA Representative; for their dedication and service to our industry.