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NPMA provides a multimedia suite of educational resources

Whichever way you prefer to learn, NPMA has got you covered. Audio, visual or interactive, take your pick and get smarter about pest management. You can even do it in the car on the way to your next jobsite.

Here are some educational resources offered by NPMA:

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  • NPMA BugBytes—This podcast offers listeners an in-depth look at specific aspects of pest management, featuring experts in urban entomology, public health and more. The podcast is just one component of the association’s multipronged approach to educating members and providing value.”We’re trying to tap into new and alternative training resources because not everybody learns the same way,” said Dr. Michael Bentley, the NPMA’s Director of Training and Education. “The traditional approach to online training of providing a narrated PowerPoint certainly fits the needs of a lot of people out there, but that’s not the only way that we can deliver content nowadays.”The year’s first episode of NPMA BugBytes, published in March, features Dr. Ed Vargo, professor and endowed chair in urban and structural entomology at Texas A&M University. Vargo discusses the cutting-edge research tools and techniques that promise to shape the future of pest management, including new tools on the horizon for professionals.In a subsequent episode, U.S. Navy Capt. Eric Hoffman, director of the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, will address how pest management factors into the armed forces’ combat readiness around the globe. Six episodes, lasting about 30 minutes each, are planned for 2020, and are designed to educate and entertain industry experts and laymen alike. Sponsorship opportunities are available by contacting NPMA.
  • NPMA On Demand—A new one-hour webinar from the technical committee is offered each quarter and is available to members for free, on demand, on the association’s website. Episodes frequently feature an urban entomologist delivering new research and best practices for managing specific pests, but in March, the focus was on the risks of buying counterfeit pest-control products.The episode features Dr. Michael Weyman, deputy director of Clemson University’s Regulatory Services; Royan Teter, a pesticides expert with the EPA; and Dr. Jim Fredericks, NPMA’s Vice President for Technical and Regulatory Affairs. They encourage members to always buy from a reputable, licensed dealer.
  • NPMA Online Learning Center—Need to earn continuing-education credits to maintain your state license? Sign up for one of the 17 online structural pest-management courses, or take advantage of additional courses in business management; occupational health and safety; food processing and handling; and QualityPro accreditation and certification. Some courses are free, and members get the rest at half price.
  • NPMA Field Guide PRO app—The NPMA Field Guide to Structural Pests has always been the bible of pest management, and now you can take it anywhere you go, even into an attic or crawlspace. The book provides information on the biology, behavior, identification and control of about 200common pests, and the latest digital version on the smartphone app was updated to include about 20 more. In addition, the new Field Guide PRO has a built-in search function and interactive identification key; it also allows members to email the field guide’s pest-control recommendations to clients and gives members easy access to NPMA entomologists for help with identification.
  • NPMA360—Fo ur episodes of this virtual-reality video series have been uploaded to YouTube so far. Episodes average about five minutes in length, with the first four featuring Dr. Bobby Corrigan, industry icon and urban rodentologist, educating viewers about rodent issues in New York City.
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NPMA now offers sponsorship opportunities for the NPMA BugBytes podcast and On Demand webinars. Contact Shane Holt at [email protected] or 352-333-3345 to learn more.