NPMA Presents Prestigious Industry Awards at PestWorld 2020

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) presented its annual industry awards today in a virtual award ceremony during PestWorld 2020. Each year, several key awards are presented to NPMA members to showcase their outstanding contributions and accomplishments to the pest management industry.

“I’d like to thank this year’s award recipients for their commitment to moving our industry forward,” said Dominique Stumpf, NPMA CEO. “We are proud to recognize them for their exceptional leadership, passion, and community involvement.”

Congratulations to the following individuals and organizations who were recognized today:

Kevin Lemasters
Chair of NPMA’s Public Policy Committee
Windsor, Colorado

This year as Committee Chair, Kevin led the Public Policy committee through a challenging year, and was instrumental in forming and shepherding the first Public Policy strategic plan through the committee. He provided leadership as our industry created a long-term plan for our public policy objectives and has continued to provide leadership in Colorado.

Leadership Networking Community Council
The former Leadership Development Group has earned the Committee of the Year Award for their work in reimagining, rebranding and launching the new Leadership Networking Community. With the mission to empower all members through leadership growth, networking opportunities and give back efforts in local communities, LNC strives to develop a highly connected and engaged membership.

Rentokil North America

Over the years, Rentokil North America has donated countless hours, resources and funds to support their local communities, businesses, and the environment. Most recently, they took to their communities to give back to the frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Deemed Hometown Heroes, the frontline workers included healthcare professionals, senior care facility workers, and first responders. More than 108 teams and districts participated in the Hometown Heroes program, choosing organizations in their own communities to say thank you. The teams developed care packages, some of which included lunch for staff, care packages, and homemade cards from colleagues’ children. The teams impacted more than 8,100 people on the frontlines all across the country.

Marie Horner

Arrow Exterminators
Mcleansville, North Carolina

Marie Horner, the first woman recipient of this award, is dedicated to supporting homeless and disabled Veterans through her volunteer work. She gives back at the Servant Center, a non-profit and transitional housing program dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans, and is a mentor to the Queen’s foundation, a statewide non-profit that teaches young women to be queens in life and servant leaders in their communities, among many other volunteer activities.

Andrea Brubaker

American Pest
Fulton, Maryand

Andrea Brubaker started in the industry as a young parent needing to pay the bills and has grown to a successful executive level position with her global company. She is known for her well-rounded excellence in service, education, sales, management, customer focus and community involvement, but also for her expertise in Norway Rats. As an engaged member of NPMA’s Professional Women in Pest Management, she encourages women to not be intimidated, to ask questions, and to find a mentor that can help them grow. Her greatest piece of advice for anyone in the industry is to find your niche—that one thing that gets you excited—and pursue it.

Solomon Airhart

Aruza Pest Control
Charlotte, North Carolina

Solomon started his business from the ground up and the results show. He invests time in his employees, teaching both work ethic and life skills such as professionalism and money management. Solomon shows 110% energy each time he speaks with employees during training or one-on-one mentoring, incentivizes hard work and displays personal leadership.

Please join us in congratulating the award recipients! PestWorld 2020 participants are encouraged to join us on Thursday, October 15 at 11:00 a.m. EST in the virtual platform as we present these prestigious awards. To submit a nomination to be considered for the 2021 Awards Program and for information on the required criteria, please visit

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