Proving Your Professionalism to Customers

professionalism to customersCredentialing through QualityPro is a great way to signal to other pest control companies that you are committed to helping professionalize the pest management industry. Signaling your professionalism to customers who aren’t as familiar with the industry can be more difficult. The marketing value of QualityPro is part of why it exists. The program strives to help companies, especially those without a designated PR team, show they are committed to a national standard for professionalism. There is a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to help accredited companies shine a light on their hard-earned credentials.


QualityPro companies receive impactful marketing tools immediately upon completing their credentials. As employees pass our national exams, they receive certificates of completion that prove their knowledge in areas like General Pest Control, IPM, Schools and Public Health. The certificate of completion for the Food Plants exam is recognized by your audited accounts.

Upon earning QualityPro accreditation or a service certification (QualityPro Schools, GreenPro, QualityPro Food Safety, or QualityPro Public Health), each company receives a certificate representing their achievement, and a customizable bid letter to submit to customers explaining what it is they’ve achieved. QualityPro carefully lays out what it means to be accredited through our program and what went into getting accredited or having a company’s services certified so that customers are aware of who it is they’re giving their business to.

Our bid letters have been crafted to position companies as best they can be—specifically citing the benefits that customers are looking for from our accreditation program and service certifications. Potential customers are directed to further resources where they can do their own research and learn about the degree of excellence QualityPro companies have achieved and continue to strive for. We highly recommend using our bid letter, or a comparable formal bid letter, for all potential contracts and renewals as a show of professionalism so that customers large or small understand exactly what they’re getting from a QualityPro company.

branch manager chase garity from saela chicago north proudly

Branch Manager Chase Garity from Saela Chicago North proudly shows off the QualityPro certificates earned by employees.


Accredited companies who have made themselves very familiar with the resources available through will already know about the marketing materials at their disposal. The iPad Sales Demo is designed to be customized to suit a company’s particular pitch, and contains information on QualityPro and our service certifications so that salespeople in the field can pull up the company presentation to walk customers through what they can expect from the service.


Cobranding with QualityPro is as simple as showing off the credentials a company has earned. Accredited companies are empowered to use the QualityPro logo anywhere they see fit. Popular examples are putting QualityPro logo on fleet vehicles, in plaques on the wall, on websites, in e-mail signature lines and on uniforms. More than simply using the marketing collateral developed by QualityPro, cobranding is a practice intended to raise both the public perception of QualityPro’s brand (by being associated with pest management companies of high quality), but also of companies’ brands (by being associated with QualityPro). An accredited company should find ways to include their QualityPro status in everything they do, and as with all other aspects of business operations, the QualityPro program sets companies up for success with multiple resources for gaining and retaining customers.

We encourage all companies who are accredited to spend time familiarizing themselves with the marketing materials and cobranding webinars available through and determine how they can be best utilized in a company’s marketing. Customers are seeking professional, reliable and science-based services, and QualityPro companies are uniquely poised to provide exactly that. We want to make sure that when customers see our companies, it is in the best possible light and with a full understanding of what our companies are able to provide for them.

Pest management remains one of the few businesses where customers welcome a stranger into their home to perform a service. The best way to open that door and ensure that technicians are welcomed and valued by customers is for companies to prove their commitment to going above and beyond customer expectations, and to teach customers to expect ever better, ever higher levels of professionalism of our industry—to choose QualityPro.

To receive a copy of the QualityPro Cobranding Checklist or for more information on all that QualityPro has to offer, reach out to us at [email protected] today.

QualityPro is administered by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management, an independent organization that has been developing good business practices and standards since 2004. Designed specifically for pest management companies in the U.S. and Canada, we are proud to certify over 500 of the best companies in the pest management industry. QualityPro is endorsed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). For more information, contact us at .