Charting the Path Ahead

NPMA Members’ Insights on the Future of Pest Management

charting the path ahead

NPMA and its visionary members turn their gaze to the future, embracing a rapidly evolving industry with boundless potential. With technological advancements, changing regulations and emerging pest challenges, the landscape of pest management is poised for transformative shifts. As we embark on this new era, we present the predictions and foresights contributed by our members. These perspectives shed light on the upcoming trends, strategies and innovations that will shape the way we tackle pest control, ensuring a safer, healthier environment for generations to come. Together, let us navigate the exciting path ahead and build a brighter future in the field of pest management.

Much more of a digital presence, as well as an influx of new service offerings.
—Mark Froio, Anticimex

We will continue to brand ourselves as protectors of public health and the food supply chain and in doing so, be lumped more into the healthcare profession. The lives of our customers and the communities will be forever changed by the impact of our industry.
—Billy Olesen, A.C.E., Pest Stop Pest Management

I think that eventually, PCOs will be able to rely on technology to notify them when any property (not just large commercial) is experiencing pest pressures in order to help them run as efficient of programs as possible.
—Richard Christner, Whitmore Pest and Wildlife Control

With all of the discussions around AI, it would not surprise me to see this also impact our industry. I can see technology really start to home in on insect behavior and weather and predict when and where outbreaks might be before they even happen. I think we will see the beginnings of the consumer playing a more important role in the process where they agree to do some things so that the process is faster, environmentally friendly and overall costs are sustainable.
—Dan Carrothers, FMC Corporation

Drones will do pest control inspections and AI will respond to our customers.
—Jamie Ogle, Lloyd Pest Control

The world is changing to instant results—AI and other technologies will shape how customers shop and select providers. The younger generation wants things done. They don’t want to interact with a human, and if they can do it from their phone easily, it’s a done deal.
—Jeff King, The Pest Rangers

Pests will still be present, with thousands more having been identified over 90 years! I believe our pest management teams of professionals across Earth and where we’ve settled in space will continue to protect food, health and property, utilizing a more diverse pool of talent that has been trained with unique digital tools and technology that is wearable and/or ingested—just imagine receiving comprehensive pest training that has been injected into a gummy bear. Eat it and you think like a rodent and know what needs to be done to resolve the issue! I envision our family-owned and publicly-run pest management companies, manufacturers, educational institutions and researchers/consultants will continue to be passionate, curious and innovative and contribute a plethora of ideas, new products, techniques and expertise to the industry, along with NPMA continuing to be a critical part of this successful transition!
—Deni D. Naumann, Copesan Services Inc. (now Rentokil-Terminix)

We will do more baiting, and using natural products more.
—Ed Chamberlin, Chamberlin’s Pest Control

Looking ahead to the next 90 years, we can expect pest management professionals to utilize innovative techniques and strategies to effectively combat the adverse effects of pests on residential and commercial properties. Major advancements in pest management are anticipated in the area of environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. The integration of new technologies, including drones and artificial intelligence, will play a crucial role in enhancing pest management solutions. Technology will allow pest management professionals the ability to provide more personalized services tailored to individual customer needs, coupled with data-driven decision-making. It’s important to acknowledge that pests and rodents will remain, they aren’t going anywhere.
—Sarah Thomas-Clark, Thomas Pest Services

I think we will see a lot of consolidation in pest control with large firms, but more importantly, I think we will see a lot of collaboration between PCOs. New technology will help PCOs specialize in their areas of expertise and collaborate on jobs that nearby PCOs can tackle. We’ll see a dramatic change in inventory management, routing and customer engagement platforms. We will see large shifts in pest control applications and techniques as climate shifts change pest habitats. Artificial intelligence and new-age software will help automate certain areas of pest control business management so PCOs can spend less time in the office and more time refining their craft.
—Matthew Blanchard, Cedar Pest Software

The future of pest management will incorporate access holistically. Access to quicker communication between client and PMP, access to real-time data and responses to pest pressure, access to moment of need application of material. This access will reduce our need for broad pesticide use.
—Alex Blahnik, Rentokil-Terminix

Pest management will be part of every household the same way as heating and air conditioning (unless you live in San Diego).
—Joel Nolasco, Nuborn Pest Control

In the last 90 years, we have changed the narrative and changed the way that people see our industry. We protect people and property. In the next 90 years, I predict lots more pests we will have to deal with (ha!)! I also think we are always evolving so the landscape will look different than it does today. We will have to continue to raise awareness and use our voices to battle more legislation that will inevitably get thrown our way. However, I think with better technology and ways to adapt chemicals and treatments that we will be much more efficient and productive with our services. With AI becoming more and more prevalent, we will learn how to use those systems to better our individual business and communication. Our industry is strong and has come out on top, we have persevered through hard times, and no doubt the next 90 will be even better! With the leadership of the association and the membership we are setting this industry up for continued success! I also see us traveling to many more fun and cool destinations!!!
—Julie Tesh-Clark, Pest Management Systems, Inc.

Technology, global pressures in climate, and having the younger generations putting pressure on all of us to be better stewards will force us to use better skills, technology and advancements. I see in the next few years, if not sooner, AI could be the next CSR.
—William Hoffman, Hoffman’s Exterminating Co. Inc.