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The Costly Risks Associated with Storing, Transporting and Disposing of Toxic Chemicals

Pest control operators have unique risks and exposures due to the nature of the pesticides they work with. The commercial use of toxic chemicals is highly regulated, however, exposure to toxic chemicals during storing, transporting and disposal can result in injury or illness. If spills occur, containers leak, labels are removed or if untrained employees have access to materials, the ...

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Open For Business

NPMA’s Workforce Development Program launches new member website With 260 employees serving 17 counties in North Carolina, Terminix Triad has grown by leaps and bounds since the family-owned business opened in 1932. But like many businesses, it’s currently experiencing growing pains. Juanita Ellis, vice president for human resources and business strategy, said Terminix Triad would like to hire 20 additional ...

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Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ensure your company culture and hiring practices send a clear message of inclusion Had it not been overshadowed by COVID, 2020 and 2021 might have been seen as the era of diversity and inclusion. While it may not have gotten the headlines of the pandemic, these related workforce issues created opportunities and expectations for companies in any field—and pest management ...

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