Hiring & Training

Avoid These Interview Mistakes

One of the trickiest tasks you’ll have as a pest management professional is hiring employees. The interview process might seem straightforward enough, but business owners often slip up when talking to candidates.

That means it’s critical to prepare before interviewing for a job opening. Here are four common mistakes first-time business owners make when talking to job candidates – and how ...

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How to Hire Superstar Employees

How solid is your current hiring process? One of the best ways to get the right talent on board is to have a trusted hiring process in place. Here’s a six-step process you can adopt as is or tailor to meet your needs. Step 1: Define the Knowledge, Skills, and PEAs (People Skills, Work Ethics, and Attitudes)
 You probably have ...

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Eradicate Micromanagement: 4 Steps to Creating a Culture of Autonomy

On-fire employees—the kind you’re perpetually attempting to hire, develop, and retain—need some latitude to make decisions in the workplace. The companies that are known for being the best places to work in their respective industries train, trust and empower their people to think and act on their own. In its 2014 Employee Satisfaction and Job Engagement survey, the Society for ...

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Employee Engagement is Not the Goal; It’s the Starting Point

If you search for books on employee engagement on Amazon, you’ll get more than 7200 results.  It’s as if mere engagement is the end-all, be-all “holy grail” that employers are striving to achieve. Most employees arrive to the job on day #1 fully engaged, which is to say they have a vested interest in meeting or even exceeding your expectations. ...

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Top Three Best Practices in Training

Nancy Troyano PhD, BCE, Entomologist /Director of Technical Education and Training for Rentokil North America offers the following training best practices for pest management companies: 1. Structured On-the-Job Training: While textbooks and e-learning courses are important, the majority of learning takes place on the job. Most pest management companies recognize this and send their new employees to ride along with their ...

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Create a Culture of Training

Want to drive your business to the next level? Get those training wheels turning. Aristotle once wrote, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.” This may explain why the most exceptional companies have at least one thing in common: They all offer a comprehensive and continuous training program. In fact, organizations that offer top-notch training programs enjoy higher ...

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