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The Importance of Personal Messaging in Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy and sticking to it is essential to successfully market your business and reach key customers. The strategy you use can mean the difference between who decides to support your business and who doesn’t. Before developing your business strategy, think about what sets your company apart from others and what your end goal is as these can ...

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A Quick and Easy Five-Step Guide to Creating Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

Advertising on social media is an extremely effective way of reaching your desired audience as it meets consumers where they are and allows for advanced audience targeting. As one of the most popular and widest-reaching social media platforms, Facebook offers nearly 2.8 billion monthly active users, making it the ideal start for small businesses looking to advertise in the digital ...

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Influencers: Who They are and How They Can Benefit Your Marketing Plan

It’s not uncommon to see larger-than-life celebrities serving in paid spokesperson roles, talking about certain brands on commercials or in interviews, and appearing in print ad campaigns. Take Jennifer Aniston, for example, and her glowing recommendations for smartwater or Aveeno® products. But recently, there has been a shift. Now, it seems like everywhere we turn, there are not only A-list ...

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