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Using Data and Business Intelligence to Support Smart Decisions

An abundance of available data is transforming organizations and industries, changing the way teams set goals and make critical decisions. However, simply having access to data is not enough to make businesses more intelligent. In fact, data can prove to be overwhelming, distracting and even misleading when it is not handled correctly, leading to mistakes and wasted time and resources. ...

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6 Ways to Leverage Technology Across Your Business

When pest control operators (PCOs) think of business technology, they may think about their company’s website, or their team’s cell phones or their email system. But in 2018, the plethora of technology solutions available can support and enhance nearly every area of a PCO’s business. The right technology used the right way can boost customer service, employee satisfaction, safety, sales ...

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Tech Training: Go Big or Go Home

Businesses across the globe, including many pest management companies, are spending more on technology every year. In 2015 alone, small business technology investments skyrocketed by 50 percent, according to Microsoft. Why are companies doubling down on technology? Because when businesses bet on the right tech tools, the payout can be huge. “For Sprague, we really pride ourselves on innovation,” emphasizes ...

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