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Hiring 101

  The hiring process brings its share of questions. Here’s where to turn for help. Never has the hiring process been more complex and full of challenges. For companies intent on taking the best possible path to recruiting and hiring new workers, the process can seem daunting. Fortunately, those in the pest control industry have an assortment of resources that ...

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Wage Compression: A Question of Balance

More than ever, companies are changing how they pay people. These changes are prompted by the need to recruit, but they impact the entire company. Wage compression poses both a recruitment and a retention challenge. Failure to move along with market trends limits a company’s ability to recruit new talent. But swinging too far to attract people can make it ...

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Form I-9: The Employment Eligibility Verification Form

QualityPro’s recently unveiled Version 6 (V6) came with some exciting updates to the program. Accreditation is not only intended for established companies but for younger companies trying to build a brand as well. Our program is designed to outline best practices for all businesses, and make sure that those best practices are codified and standardized. Through the standards, companies are ...

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